Peace Is Yours

My name is James Smart. I am retired and enjoying my final commission in life. I seek to praise GOD and give glory and honor to HIM for all that HE has done for me in my life.

My life story starts with my early memories, before I was 5 years old. I remember seeing my father coming in from work with a coon skin cap on (an imitation of Davy Crockett to those who are old enough to know who I am referring to). My father would hoist me up onto his shoulders and give me piggy-back rides up the stairs to bed at night. I remember eating potato chip on the living room floor with him until the sides of my mouth were split. He always made me laugh and I was always happy to see him. My mother seemed to always be there when I needed her. She was a great cook and she was wise in the doctoring arts, taking care of my bruises and cuts. I was a tremendously happy child! Our home was always filled with love even though we did not have a lot.

I always say that I was the most blessed child ever. I was adopted at 2 months old and proud of it. My parents never kept it from me. I was chosen….the first chosen one. I was before LeBron James was even thought of. I was not alone in our family.  At the age of 10, I had a foster-brother and 2 foster sisters. Also my mother’s brother, his son and my mother’s mom lived with us at different times. All of us children were treated as equals. If one received something we all did. If there wasn’t enough for everyone we would share.

I was brought up in the Church. We went to Sunday School, Morning Service, Sunday afternoon Youth meetings, Sunday Evening Service and Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study. I guess you could say,  the Golden Rule was a part of my life. It was instilled in me very young. When I became an adult I stretched out into the world of sin and degradation. I would always say, “anything good you saw in me, came from my parents; anything bad came from me”. But, as the Bible says, “parents raise your children up in the way that they should go; and it shall not depart from them”. Many times I was saved by the memories of what my parents had taught me was right and what was wrong. Finally, I saw the light and now I know that it is only because of GOD’s Mercy and Grace that I am even still alive.

I have had a life filled with great memories but also hard times because of poor decisions. I have hurt myself as well as others. Thank GOD, HE has had compassion and mercy on me. For the rest of my life I want to serve HIM and praise HIM! I now have peace in my life that is beyond most people being able to understand. I have peace because GOD has become the center and focus of my life. It is not about me….IT’S ABOUT GOD!

If you will seek GOD with all of your heart …. HE WILL BE FOUND. Only then will peace be yours. Let me help you in your journey. GET IN AND STAY IN THE WORD!

Find a topic or just browse through my blog and be inspired. May GOD bless and keep you.


James Smart